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It’s Things You Didn’t Know About Grant!

Hello, my little backlit keyboards!

A personal blog would be nothing without some personal blogging! So here are a few things you MIGHT not have known about Grant here:

I eat lemons and oranges like apples.

Yep. I know. Weird. Make the face. I know it well. I don’t know what it is but I love the taste of orange peel and often eat of the fruit of the tree without ridding it of it’s precious skin; I commonly munch on lemons in a similar fashion during my downtime.

I’m colorblind!

Most close to me know this and have already gotten their “Awww,”‘s out of the way. No I can’t see red, and no I don’t just see black and white. Yes, Martha, I know it’s weird that I can’t see roses for what they are. So sad. Much cry. Really, though, it isn’t a problem. I love the world and its many colors. Biggest problem that arises? If I were to enjoy a nice bloody stool – I wouldn’t know.

I am very fond of California, not so fond of palm trees.

This will be one of the stranger insights into my psyche. I am in love with Los Angeles, but it is plagued by an evil. Okay, well… I don’t really believe they are evil, but I am made extremely uncomfortable by palm trees. So much so I coined the term “Arodendrophobia,” a fear of palm trees, and a word that apparently was not necessary amongst the medical community. Never to fear, Grant and his strange phobias are here to raise awareness.

I once got busy in a library…

Or twice. I’ll leave it at that and collect my high fives later. You can read all about my crazy adventures in self-loathingย Here!

That will bring today’s inside look to a close! Stay beautiful, and stay tuned for more crazy facts about Grant!

Written By: Grant Smith

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