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A Rainy Day in LA

I had finished my last set of leg extensions when I decided to call it a day. While I was unlocking my bike from the rusty railing on the steps, a light mist had already begun. Already an uncommonly chilly day, the rain threw knives against my skin.

Biking four miles in the rain was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I laughed the whole way and sang along to my favorite band, Twenty One Pilots. Something about this particular day made the experience greater. See, I realized something a few days ago when I earned the greatest three dollars of my life, performing on Hollywood Blvd. I had forgotten how much passion I hold for performing. Dancing around, singing these words I wrote ages ago, and seeing people forget their daily lives makes me feel so full.

As I biked (joke?) in the rain smiling and singing, I saw people smiling along with me. I remembered why I love performing. It isn’t because I enjoy the music, though I do. It isn’t because people hand me change, which they do. No, I love performing because for a few minutes I help people forget. They forget the bills they have to pay and the children they haven’t seen or the relationship that just ended. For those small seconds in a much larger life, they smile and forget why they weren’t smiling before.

I miss playing on the street. I miss performing. I don’t mean performing music. I’m performing a service. Helping people forget.

For those few minutes, I forget too.

When I got home I felt so motivated and immediately booked a small pie shop in NoHo for a set on November 25th. I cooked an amazing meal and took a warm shower. I’m thankful for the cold for helping me appreciate the warmth.

I love rainy days in LA.

Written By: Grant Smith

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