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A Few Things to do While Listening to my Album!

Hello, you ridiculously trim and fit minks!

As I’ve mentioned, and will continue to very annoyingly remind you almost everyday: my album is about to be available for download WORLDWIDE on just about every platform that matters. So in preparation let’s talk about some of the things you can do while enjoying “Empty Words.”

Type 2,812 words

Of course this is a slightly different number for you, yours is probably much higher. The album is approximately 37 minutes, and I test out at a consistent 76 word per minute, meaning I could – if so inclined – write every word I can think up 2,812 times given the right circumstances. I’ll start now:

Cucumber, knob, christmas, homocide.

That was fun! If you’re interested to see how many words you can type per minute check outย this siteย and let me know what you get!

Run around five miles

Again, totally different scenario for each of us; you are most likely much faster. This idea also has another fatal flaw: it’s not as fun as food which bring us to our next idea!

Drink somewhere around 37 smoothies

This is my personal favorite as I have an affinity for food pretending to be liquid. I assume I could drink an average sized smoothie in a minute or less.

I have no doubt I could keep this up for 37 minutes.

If you are excited to do this, definitely check outย this little link hereย for some awesome recipes and ideas. My personal favorite is none of your damn business.

Moving on!

Invite me into your shower!

We all sing in the shower but why not take it a step further. Invest in a fog machine, some light systems, maybe hire a manager to take you on tour as a Grant Smith shower cover band. Your manager’s name can be Marcia. She seems nice at first but you discover she’s been embezzling money so you are forced to leave her and from there spiral into an abyss of drugs and debt.

On a more important strain, I want to know if it’s weird knowing me and then singing along with me in the shower. So let me know!

Well that’s about it for today but expect lots more great ideas on how to spend your time wisely while jamming out to the fantastic new Empty Words album.

And of course, stay beautiful; and stay tuned!

Written By: Grant Smith

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