• Broken Eyes! Brand New Single (And other updates)

    Hello, my¬†little chocoholics! Here’s my brand new single produced by the very talented Marc Solomon. You can check it out on Spotify: Here! I’ve got some big things coming up so stay tuned! Currently in the works are “Spare Seconds,” acoustic album and “Crooked,” album produced by Marc Solomon in Hollywood. Be sure to keep

  • Quick Update and… Stuff

    Hello, my little… Kitten ears? I don’t know, I’m running out of these nicknames. It’s tough work. Some stuff you need to know! Stay tuned, because soon I will release a brand spankin’ new music video for my song Black Sea! You may have also noticed that my site is pretty and organized now. You’re

  • It’s Grant Doing Drugs Live!

    Hello, my little potstickers! Check out the OFFICIAL LIVE Music Video for my song Drug – now available in the Empty Words album on iTunes! Click this sexy little link for a sexy little album! Don’t forget to come check me out live at Kulak’s Woodshed for a full two hours November 18th from 8:00-10:00!

  • Confessions #1: Extremely (Un)Healthy Lifestyle

    Hello, my little polka dot bikinis! I’ve decided to let you take a dive into the brain that is Grant Smith by starting my new series of confessions! Today we will be talking about my CRAZY health habits. Now, when I say crazy, I don’t mean “Geez. Grant is into fitness.” I mean… Grant is

  • A Rainy Day in LA

    I had finished my last set of leg extensions when I decided to call it a day. While I was unlocking my bike from the rusty railing on the steps, a light mist had already begun. Already an uncommonly chilly day, the rain threw knives against my skin. Biking four miles in the rain was

  • MORE Things to do while listening to my album!

    Hello, my little jelly donuts! By now I’m sure you have all purchased my album and are probably jamming out to it right now! That’s awesome, thanks so much! IF you haven’t, which I can’t imagine, go ahead and find it on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, really anything that stocks up on amazing music. And while

  • A Few Things to do While Listening to my Album!

    Hello, you ridiculously trim and fit minks! As I’ve mentioned, and will continue to very annoyingly remind you almost everyday: my album is about to be available for download WORLDWIDE on just about every platform that matters. So in preparation let’s talk about some of the things you can do while enjoying “Empty Words.” Type


    Hello beautiful fans and ugly air conditioners! It’s that time of year! Sweaters, fires, sugar free high chocolate, and vegan whole wheat flour christmas cookies! Oh god what have I become… But more importantly it’s time for a new Grant Smith album! That’s right! The “Empty Words,” album is headed your way in a few

  • Things I wish people knew about my ADHD

    Once people know you have it, everyone has it. I know, you get distracted easily, no this does not mean you have ADHD. Sometimes, it’s all too much. Occasionally the constant stimuli drive me crazy. I cry, hit things, tear off my clothes, and scream. Why? So much going on around me, in addition with

  • It’s Things You Didn’t Know About Grant!

    Hello, my little backlit keyboards! A personal blog would be nothing without some personal blogging! So here are a few things you MIGHT not have known about Grant here: I eat lemons and oranges like apples. Yep. I know. Weird. Make the face. I know it well. I don’t know what it is but I

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