It's Grant

It’s Grant

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It’s Grant

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“You can hear the passion in his voice, rising at the right times, being more delicate when necessary – it makes up the bulk of that signature trait or sound that gives the music such a strong sense of identity.” – Rebecca Cullen ‘Stereo Stickman’

I'm a broken set of strings I can't save a life

Listen to the full album

1. Blank Pages (Empty Words) 3:27
2. Drug 3:33
3. Go to Sleep 3:28
4. Hooligans 4:01
5. Missing You 2:35
6. One Week 2:36
7. Rut 3:37
8. Sing Soft 4:19
9. This Is Gonna Hurt 4:05
10. Without You 5:15

Spotify Biography

     Grant Smith may not be a household name, but he revels in his small accomplishments. From the age of five when he touched the ivory keys for the first time, to his first concert, Grant has never seen himself doing anything other than music. At eighteen, Grant moved to Los Angeles from a small town in Oklahoma, ready to chase his dreams.

     His first full album release, “Empty Words,” landed him some new fans a few gigs, but, more importantly, showed him what he could do with hard work. In 2017, Grant completed his first fully produced single “Broken Eyes,” produced by Marc Solomon. This created a professional and personal friendship that would lead to his soon to come releases, “Crooked,” and “Shake Me Down.”

2018 is projected to be a busy year for Grant Smith.